[identity profile] -moonylupin-.livejournal.com
Date: March 10th, 2001
Setting: Tadfield Manor - bar
Status: Public? - Remus and Sirius, others
Summary: There's work, and then there's fun.

Nothing special about this day at all... )
[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Date: January 25th (After Adam gives Sirius a job)
Setting: Bedroom
Status: Private- Remus, Sirius
Summary: Sirius tells Remus he got a job

wtf Remus and Sirius live??? )
[identity profile] radishesncorks.livejournal.com
Date: February 19 2001
Setting: Bar
Status: Public - Sirius, Luna, ?
Summary: Luna finally gets that interview.

The papparazzi have arrived. )
[identity profile] average-adam.livejournal.com
Date: January 25, 2001
Setting: Corridors
Status: Private - Adam, Sirius
Summary: Adam advertises for a new bartender.

You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. )
[identity profile] -moonylupin-.livejournal.com
Date: January 24th, 2001
Setting: Remus' and Sirius' bedroom
Status: Private - Remus, Sirius
Summary: Some secrets ought to come out of their closets.

The day the music player died... )
[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Date: December 31st
Status: Private, Remus and Sirius and Doned!
Setting: Front Desk
Summary: Sirius pays Remus a visit on New Year's Eve

An hour to go... )
[identity profile] dearwensleydale.livejournal.com
Date: December 31, 2000, 9:00 PM
Status: Public
Setting: Bar
Summary: Free Alcohol!

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[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Date: December 10th
Status: Private (Complete)
Location: Lobby (or doorway between Lobby and Bar, to be precise :D )
Summary: A bit of Christmas cheer

You'd think he'd remember where it was when he'd hung the damn thing. )
[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Date: December 5
Status: Semi-private conversation, but takes place in public
Location: Front Desk
Summary: Sirius leaves a letter for a lovely lady

With Lupin? )
[identity profile] playswithboys.livejournal.com
Date: December 5, 2000
Status: Semi-private to start [Complete]
Setting: Doorway between lobby and bar
Summary: Mistletoe!!!

Deck the Halls? )
[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Time: October 13, 2000
Place: Bedroom, Hot Tub ;)
Status: Private (Remus and Sirius), Complete
Summary: The location says it all, really

Read more... )
[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Time: September 10
Place: Library
Status: Private (Sirius and Aziraphale)
Summary: Sirius has a few questions

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[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Time: September 5, 2000
Place: Manor Grounds
Status: Semi-private (Sirius, Crowley)
Summary: Sirius and Crowley finally meet again.

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[identity profile] leucemic-god.livejournal.com
Time: September 1, 2000
Place: Manor Grounds
Status: Public (Loki, Sirius)
Summary: Loki makes a new animal-friend.

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[identity profile] -moonylupin-.livejournal.com
Time: August 15th, 2000 (night)
Place: Gardener's shed
Status: Private - Remus, Sirius, Dog
Summary: It's the full moon, baby.

I Wanna Be Your Dog )
[identity profile] playswithboys.livejournal.com
Time: August 15th, 2000
Place: The bar
Status: Everyone except Adam
Summary: Pretty decorations...

Be vewy, vewy qwuiet... )
[identity profile] deatheater-cook.livejournal.com
Time: Late afternoon, 25 July 2000
Place: The Manor Grounds
Status: Public
Summary: The Barbecue
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[identity profile] -moonylupin-.livejournal.com
Date: July 15th, 2000 (day)
Status: Mostly private - Sirius, Remus
Setting: Manor, grounds, bedroom (not in that order)
Summary: Picnic!

Wake up! )
[identity profile] grimsirius.livejournal.com
Time: July 13, 2000
Place: Bar
Status: Public (Complete)
Summary: Sirius comes out of hiding.

Read more... )
[identity profile] pedigreemongrel.livejournal.com
Date: March 24, 2000 (hello, wayback machine)
Setting: The Manor Grounds
Status: Private, Complete.
Summary: One dog meets another Dog. Bonding happens.

Dog, by his very natures, knew things. )


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