[identity profile] bipolar-uriel.livejournal.com
Date: March 4th, 2001
Setting: Tadfield Manor
Status: Private - Uriel, Doctor, Mictain (Complete)
Summary: Just a little holiday. Honest.

Be back soon -- or not )
[identity profile] swords-love-me.livejournal.com
Date: January 25th, 2001
Status: Private (War, Mictain)
Setting: Mictain’s Room
Summary: War challenges Mictain

Read more... )
[identity profile] born-to-lurk.livejournal.com
Date: September 30th, 2000
Setting: Manor Grounds
Status: Public
Summary: Paint-ball doom.

The Duke of Hell was in a terrible mood... )
[identity profile] swords-love-me.livejournal.com
Date: September 28th, 2000
Status: Public
Setting: Manor Grounds
Summary: War holds a practice session

She was wondering if anyone was going to turn up... )
[identity profile] murder-a-curry.livejournal.com
Date: December 1, 2000
Setting: Tadfield Manor - Basement Room
Status: Public - Death, Pollution, Anyone else who wants to tag
Summary: Death is a student of life. He is making a documentary. You will be interviewed. No one is safe. He tries to set up a base of operations. Pollution helps. And horsepersons + technology = not so much. At least not these horsepersons.

Grandpa's trying to set up the VCR again... )
[identity profile] demon-mictain.livejournal.com
Time: September 29, 2000
Place: Mictain's Room
Status: Private (Mictain -- Complete)
Summary: It's a day just like any other. Or perhaps not.

Old habits die hard. )
[identity profile] demon-mictain.livejournal.com
Time: September 14, 2000
Place: The Library
Status: Private (Mictain, Loki, Uriel) -- Complete
Summary: Making sure of a thing or two.

''You’re his what?'' )
[identity profile] demon-mictain.livejournal.com
Date: July 30
Status: Semi-private (Mictain, Joan) -- Complete
Setting: Third Floor Corridor
Summary: Showing Joan the room

It's not that difficult to find... )
[identity profile] swordmaid-saint.livejournal.com
Date: July 30
Status: Public
Setting: Entryway, Corridors
Summary: Joan arrives.

Joan knocked... )
[identity profile] winged-healer.livejournal.com
Date: July 3, 2000 (Complete)
Status: Semi-pivate (Raph, Frankie and Mic)
Setting: Slightly outside, then Manor hospital
Summary: Raph writes a letter, Frankie delivers

A letter )
[identity profile] demon-mictain.livejournal.com
Time: July 27, 2000 -- after Mictain meets Uriel
Place: War's Room
Status: Private (Mictain, War) -- Complete
Summary: Sharing information.

Care to hear the news? )
[identity profile] bipolar-uriel.livejournal.com
Time: July 27, 2000
Place: Manor Corridor
Status: Private (Uriel, Mictain -- complete)
Summary: A reunion of sorts.

Better piss off a hundred than hurt just one, right? )
[identity profile] deatheater-cook.livejournal.com
Time: Late afternoon, 25 July 2000
Place: The Manor Grounds
Status: Public
Summary: The Barbecue
Read more... )
[identity profile] no-npc-here.livejournal.com
Time: June 9, 2000
Place: Manor Grounds
Status: Semi-Public (Luna/Anybody Willing to Help, Adam, Gabriel, possibly others)
Summary: Neville is looking for help. Any help.

He didn't know how he had got there. )
[identity profile] anthony-crowley.livejournal.com
Date: May 13, 2000
Setting: Manor Grounds
Status: Public (Writing Challenge Thread)
Summary: Remembrance of Things Past

Connections )
[identity profile] bipolar-uriel.livejournal.com
Date: March 17, 2000 -- night
Setting: A corridor in the Manor
Status: Private (Uriel, Pestilence, Mictain) -- Complete
Summary: A demon is nasty, an angel is upset, and a horseman is protective.

It was anything but wise. )
[identity profile] demon-mictain.livejournal.com
Date: March 19, 2000
Setting: Raphael's Room
Status: Private -- Mictain, Raphael, Adam (Complete)
Summary: Mictain loses the last of his patience.

His limited patience was coming to its end. )
[identity profile] winged-healer.livejournal.com
Date: March 9, 2000
Setting: Mic's room and the hall
Status: Private: Mic and Raph
Summary: Raphael gets a taste of his own medicine

Raphael felt slighted. Again. )
[identity profile] demon-mictain.livejournal.com
Date: March 7, 2000
Setting: The Manor infirmary
Status: Private - Mictain and Raphael -- Complete
Summary: Mictain goes looking for a certain angel.

It wasn't like he missed him or something like that. )
[identity profile] winged-healer.livejournal.com
Date: February 28, 2000
Setting: The hallway
Status: Private: Raphael, Mictain
Summary: A chance meeting.

Raphael was having trouble sleeping. )


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