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Date: April 20, 2001
Status: Public
Setting: The Manor
Summary: Pollution tries to catch up

Pollution looked up at the front of the manor and let a sigh roll past his lips; it turned a dull gray and floated gently to the ground. Pollution frowned at his breath for a moment before returning his thoughts and eyes to the building. He hadn't been gone for long, only a day or so, but it felt like so much more. Ever since he had returned from his trip with War and Famine, he had been closed off from the rest of the manor, disconnected and out of the loop. He didn't know what was going on anymore, though he still felt the rumblings of something underneath the calm exterior. Perhaps there were lessons to be learned here about being antisocial and drawing away from the general happenings of the place where one lived. Maybe he had missed something big?

Slowly, his feet moved up the stone steps and through the front door. "Hello?" he called, needing someone to talk to. He wanted to find out all the latest gossip, what had been happening? What was happening? What will be happening? He needed to know it all.
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