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Date: May 1st, 2001
Status: Private- Raguel and Berith
Setting: The gardens
Summary: Raguel returns to the manor

With yet another Archangel gone, though in a manner entirely different than anyone could have had anticipated, Raguel’s presence had been vital to quelling the resulting alarm and to reestablishing stability. Too busy to give much thought to his own worries, he had comforted, guided, counseled others and taken council himself, given and received reports, and discussed at length the new problems that they now faced in the situation with the Antichrist and his manor.

And now, with a fresh set of orders and a newly calmed spirit, he found himself on Earth once more. He was sorry to return, but he knew that at this moment he was needed here more than anywhere else, and he hoped- believed- that his presence could have a positive effect in the place. That perhaps Uriel’s loss could be the last.

It was strange how the body welcomed him back. He hadn’t expected it to feel so familiar, so nearly... pleasant. And yet there it was.

He found himself walking in the gardens, relearning the movements of muscle and sinew and bone, refinding the balance of gravity and inertia, and even enjoying, in some small way, the experience of smell and sight and sound and touch. He’d had hardly a moment’s respite the entire time he had been away, and knowing that his first action now returned would be the deliverance of a hard ultimatum, he allowed himself some time, just a few earthly minutes, to relax.
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