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Date: May 6th, 2001
Status: Public (for anyone really No need to know anything or give worthwhile information. Lets just have a little fun with Dick.)
Setting: The Manor
Summary: Dick decides to take the direct approach, but it isn't as easy as he expected. Just where is the staff in this hotel?

The manor near the army base hadn't been hard to find and only a little over a week after his visit to Selfridges Dick had had his team in place to secretly observe it and follow Miss Stavrou whenever she went out. He'd been confident that that would lead him either to his serial killer or to the next victim.

However it seemed that he'd either missed an exit or Miss Stavrou didn't leave the house much. It might make sense, if she was afraid of the killer getting to her, but on the other hand according to his men's discrete investigations in the town the place was a hotel and restaurant so a stranger could come in at any time.

As time went by Dick got more and more worried that perhaps the woman had already departed. Why would anyone stay in a hotel this long? Surely it was getting expensive even for a TV star like Miss Stavrou. Then again his men hadn't observed many changes in who was coming and going. The guests seemed to be a very regular crowd.

Dick wondered what the attraction of a hotel in the middle of nowhere could be. Well, perhaps Miss Stavrou liked it because it was unlikely that anybody would look for her here. The loyalty of the other guests was a mystery to Dick, though and Miss Stavrou was a professional entertainer. Wasn't she bored?

Then again, maybe she worked there. She could be in charge of entertainment, which looked like a very challenging task. The most entertaining thing his team had found in the region so far was one Mr. Tyler whose lively imagination could turn a handful of children playing football in the street outside his house into violent street gangs, the hotel in the old manor into a meeting place for Satanists and Mafiosi and what Dick assumed had to have been an encounter with a disgruntled housecat into a sphinx attack. Well, at least it kept his men from dying of boredom while observing the quiet hotel.

However Dick was feeling more and more impatient as time went by without any results. The killer might strike again at any moment and he still had no other leads. It was time to give up on discretion and approach Miss Stavrou directly.

Thus one beautiful spring morning found Inspector Dick Watson walking up the neatly kept path and entering Tadfield Manor. The inside looked like a typical hotel lobby, slightly impersonal, but tastefully decorated, except for a pink chair that clashed horribly with the rest of the furniture. Dick wondered briefly whether whoever had picked it out had been colour-blind and why it hadn't been removed to a less obvious position while he waited for someone to answer his ring.

The place remained completely silent, however. Where was the staff? Maybe the lobby was only staffed when guests had announced their arrival or departure in advance and the business usually run from elsewhere?

Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find, Dick decided and tried the closest door. A good choice, he thought. Apparently he'd walked straight into the restaurant. There had to be a least a waiter here, though it was a bit too early for lunch.

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