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Date: April 16th, 2001
Status: Private, Complete
Setting: Shadow's room and the gardens
Summary: A dream

Shadow dreamt of Ganesh. It wasn’t unlike the dream on the tree that had led him to Alison McGovern’s body in the trunk of the klunker out on the frozen Wisconsin lake, but this time the elephant headed god moved a cross from hand to hand to hand to hand, or maybe it was just the letter ‘t’, and when he hid it, Shadow had no idea where it had gone.

Mr. Nancy said you remove obstacles and make the journey easier, Shadow said.

Something like that, Ganesh answered, smiling, and Shadow woke.

It was the middle of the night. He got out of bed, feeling chilly in his t-shirt and pajama pants, and snagged a sweatshirt on the way out of his room. He made his way across the hall and down the stairs, through the lobby and out the front door. It was vaguely cloudy out, but he could see some stars.

He didn’t know why he would dream about Ganesh now. He hardly needed someone to make his journey easier; he didn’t even have a journey at the moment. That was the point of wandering. Still, the dream bothered him, niggled in the back of his mind in a way that he knew would make it impossible to go back to sleep.

Shadow made his way slowly through the gardens, barefoot and shivering. In the months that he’d been here he’d learnt all the paths through the foliage; he realized this was the longest amount of time he’d stayed in any one place since he got out of jail. Since Laura died. Tomorrow, he decided, he would take a bus into one of the bigger towns and go shopping for new pants and to a pub or something, just to get out for a bit.

He could do with a change.


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