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Date: February 20th, 2001
Status: Private - Raguel, Berith [Complete]
Setting: landing of the third floor staircase
Summary: You had to turn the corner right then, didn't you?

Berith congratulated himself. He had managed to keep away from that pestering presence for two whole weeks now without a hitch.

The task wasn't as easy as one might think. The other had a... permeating outline, substance that filtered through walls like water through tissue paper. Which made him harder to track, keep tabs on, and thus avoid. But Berith knew that quite a bit of his own survival depended on this, and so he had his guard up, rigidly so. He made sure not to rise too early, nor to be out unless there were enough people about to distract from his own aura. It seemed the other wasn't intent on finding him either, for he hadn't been sought out.

However, he was getting restless.

It was all well and good to wait for a hammer to fall, but what if it wasn't a hammer at all? What if it was only memory, so faded beyond recognition that he was hiding for no reason at all?

He didn't check so carefully today. He wanted one day, just one, without watching his footsteps for the shadows attached to them.

Thinking to go into town or perhaps to get a drink down at the bar, he was just at the staircase landing when he felt the punch to his metaphysical gut, saw the figure in his line of vision, looked up despite his harsh mental command not to...

He hadn't changed a bit.


And somehow, something smiled upon him and he managed a tone that was all-business, short and severe.

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