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Time: July 6, 2000
Place: Er...front desk?
Status: Public - Completed
Summary: Anathema arrives at the manor.

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Date: June 24, 2000
Setting: First Floor Men's Bathroom
Status: Public (Newt and Loki)
Summary: Because we haven’t seen Newt ‘repair’ something in too long.

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Date: April 9th, 2000
Setting: The second floor corridor just outside Odin’s room
Status: Public – Newt, Loki (Complete)
Summary: Unfortunately Odin isn’t home

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What: CHALLENGE THREAD LAAA. Newt meets Horus.
Where: The roof of the manor. Yes, the roof.
When: April 9th, about ten am.
Who: Newt and Horus, other people can join in when somebody falls off the roof, or something.

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Date: Feb 19th, 2000
Status: Private--Newt, Anathema
Setting: Their room
Summary: Newt and Anathema discuss the Second Book.

Anathema found Newt's room and walked in, temporarily defeated. She had been looking for the other copy of the Second Book for months, but Agnes hadn't been nice and accurate about its location, and she had no idea where to look next.

Well, at least she'd be staying with Newt again, and maybe someone here in the Manor could help her. Some of the people she'd met on previous visits were obviously not human, and of course there was Adam... She set her bag on the bed and began to unpack.
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Date: March 9, 2000
Setting: Tadfield Manor - Lobby
Status: Public
Summary: It had been a restless day.

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[identity profile] i-hate-crawly.livejournal.com
Date: January 26th, 2000
Status: Public
Setting: The Bar
Summary: Ligur's sulking again.

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[identity profile] barking-harry.livejournal.com
Setting: The pool and spa
Date: 28th Decemeber
Status: Public (feel free to catch Harry feeding Sugarplum)
Summary: Harry feeds his newest friend.

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Date: December 17, 1999
Setting: The Lobby
Status: Public (Complete)
Summary: Michael stupidly leaves his laptop unattended.

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Date: October 31, 1999 - 5:30 pm
Status: Public
Setting: Adam's room
Summary: Everyone puts on their costumes for the party... or else.

Looking into the mirror, Adam made the final adjustments to his costume.. )
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Date: October 31st, 1999
Setting: Tadfield Ballroom
Status: Public
Summary: Hallowe'en party. Costumes enforced.

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Date: October 25th, 1999 - Late night, near midnight
Status: Public it is, then. (Er, if you don't mind, that is, Carrie.)
Setting: Outside, on the Manor grounds
Summary: Luna is practicing her Astronomy and waiting for Saturn to rise so that she can track it and hopefully predict where and when it will rise in 60 years' time.

Star-gazing's not much fun when you're doing it alone, and there are insects buzzing in the dark that you can't seem to get rid of. But it's something to do. )
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Date: Sept 20, early evening, just after the power went out
Status: Public (this means YOU)
Setting: The bar
Summary: Horus explores the bar (Bohemian Rhapsody Plot)
Rating: G

It was a lovely day for flying. )
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Where: Some Corridor
When: September the Twentieth, around dinner-time.
Who: Whoever's passing by.
Why: Because I have no clue what's going on, so meh.

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Where: The Lobby
Who: Metatron? Sister Mary? Anyone, really.
Why: Newt want a job (shock, horror).
When: August 30, 1999

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