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Time: May 17th, 2001
Status: Private (Anathema and Luna)
Setting: Manor grounds, in/around the greenhouse
Summary: "You're a wizardwitch, HarryAnathema!"

Luna had never seen some of the plants in the greenhouse before. )
[identity profile] radishesncorks.livejournal.com
Date: April 23, 2001
Status: Semi-Private (Luna, Adam, Pepper, Wensleydale, Brian; ask if you'd like to join in?)
Setting: The Manor Grounds
Summary: Luna teaches the Them how to play Wizarding games. Hijinks ensue.

Let's play! )
[identity profile] corroded-crown.livejournal.com
Date: April 20, 2001
Status: Public
Setting: The Manor
Summary: Pollution tries to catch up

... )
[identity profile] average-adam.livejournal.com
Date: January 8th, 2001
Status: Public - Adam and Brian
Setting: Brian's room and the bar
Summary: Just innocently checking in...

If you were gay / that'd be okay )
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Date: April 18, 2001
Status: Private (Wensleydale, Luna)
Setting: The Manor
Summary: A meeting between former dance partners

And the darkest hour is just before dawn... )
[identity profile] radishesncorks.livejournal.com
Date: February 19 2001
Setting: Bar
Status: Public - Sirius, Luna, ?
Summary: Luna finally gets that interview.

The papparazzi have arrived. )
[identity profile] bipolar-uriel.livejournal.com
Date: January 18, 2001
Status: Public
Setting: Somewhere in the Manor
Summary: It's in the nature of most new mothers to want to show off their child.

She hadn't wandered around in a while )
[identity profile] dearwensleydale.livejournal.com
Date: December 31, 2000, 9:00 PM
Status: Public
Setting: Bar
Summary: Free Alcohol!

Read more )
[identity profile] playswithboys.livejournal.com
Time: August 15th, 2000
Place: The bar
Status: Everyone except Adam
Summary: Pretty decorations...

Be vewy, vewy qwuiet... )
[identity profile] deatheater-cook.livejournal.com
Time: Late afternoon, 25 July 2000
Place: The Manor Grounds
Status: Public
Summary: The Barbecue
Read more... )
[identity profile] diaktoros.livejournal.com
Date: May 1, 2000
Setting: The Manor grounds
Status: Public
Summary: The new year dawns for the pagan calendar, and you know what that means...

The Feast of Pan! )
[identity profile] leucemic-god.livejournal.com
Date: May 11, 2000
Setting: Manor Grounds
Status: Public (Complete)
Summary: Loki brings Horus food

Read more... )
[identity profile] radishesncorks.livejournal.com
Date: May 5, 2000
Setting: The Bar
Status: Semi-Private (Luna, Harry)
Summary: Harry meets Luna, and learns something about his past.

Luna was bored. )
[identity profile] diaktoros.livejournal.com
Date: April 19, 2000 a.d. (oops!)
Status: Public
Setting: The Eating Room
Summary: Hermes settles in some more (this thread is basically for introductions and confrontations about missing items)

Busy hands, it was called... )

Larceny Count:
- 2 small, decorative, ceramic figurines
- 3 small books that belong to Aziraphale (I'm assuming all books belong to Aziraphale)
- 1 ashtray
- 1 pencil
- 1 cell phone
- 1 half-empty pack of cigarettes
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Date: April 8th, 2000
Setting: Manor Grounds
Status: Semi-Private (Uriel and Luna -- Complete)
Summary: Challenge thread. Luna encounters a special bird.

He had to fly. )
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When: April 1st, 4 am
Where: The lobby, bar and surrounding corridors.
Why: I emo'd up my own lj for april fools, but I kind of wanted to get something going here, too. Yes, I know it's april 2nd.

Water balloons - check. )
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Date: February 20, 2000 - during and after The Fall
Setting: The bar, may wander
Status: Open
Summary: The Felling of an Archangel has ripples and echoes - and so, for that matter, does the attempted suicide of an Archangel. (I've been AWOL, and I figured, well - this is a BIG EVENT, the other residents of the manor are damn well gonna react. We know where Wednesday is, and the arch-angels [of course] - this is for the others.)

Something was going to happen. )
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Date: October 31st, 1999
Setting: Tadfield Ballroom
Status: Public
Summary: Hallowe'en party, continued from here

Luna's cheering charm had appeared to work on Carrie, but perhaps a little too well. )
[identity profile] average-adam.livejournal.com
Date: October 31, 1999 - 5:30 pm
Status: Public
Setting: Adam's room
Summary: Everyone puts on their costumes for the party... or else.

Looking into the mirror, Adam made the final adjustments to his costume.. )


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