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Date: November 1st, 2000
Setting: Front Desk
Status: Private - Hastur, Remus [Complete]
Summary: The mystery poet.

Hastur glanced quickly around the corner... )
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Date: September 30th, 2000
Setting: Manor Grounds
Status: Public
Summary: Paint-ball doom.

The Duke of Hell was in a terrible mood... )
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Date: February 1st, 2000 (Date changed for credible continuation of plot!)
Setting: Hallways
Status: Mostly Private - Hastur, Ligur, and Aziraphale
Summary: Aziraphale runs into a few demons.

It wasn't the best thing to be, well, drunk on a Wednesday. Particularly for an angel. In theory, anyway. )
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Date: Febuary 1st, 2000
Setting: An empty room somewhere on the second floor.
Status: Private (Hastur & Ligur), though other characters could walk in on them if they want to.
Summary: Hastur and Ligur discuss their infernal plans

It had been ages since Ligur had had a good old fashioned plot and scheme )
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Date: December 20, 1999
Setting: Ligur's room
Characters: Private - Hastur, Ligur
Summary: Hastur returns to the Manor

Lurker on the loose... )
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Date: September 10th
Setting: Hastur and Ligur's horribly dingy room at Tadfield Manor
Status: Private - Hastur, Ligur
Summary: Hastur has come back to apologise

The course of true love never did run straight )


Angels and demons / most people wouldn't believe / how great the sex is.

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