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Date: March 4th, 2001
Setting: Tadfield Manor
Status: Private - Uriel, Doctor, Mictain (Complete)
Summary: Just a little holiday. Honest.

Be back soon -- or not )
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Date: December 28th, 2000
Status: Semi-Private (Uriel, Bast, Doctor, Anathema, Gabriel, Others?)
Setting: Lobby, Hospital Wing
Summary: Only 4% of babies are born on due date.

No Braxton-Higgs )
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Time: July 26th, 2000
Place: The Lobby
Status: Semi-Public (the Doctor, Uriel -- Complete)
Summary: An extremely unfortunate event continued

A Key Is Lost )
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Time: Morning, July 26th, 2000
Place: the Doctor's room and corridor outside
Status: Public (the Doctor, Wensleydale)
Summary: An extremely unfortunate event

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Time: Night, July 25th, 2000
Place: the Doctor's room (and the dreaming?)
Status: Private (the Doctor, Dream?)
Summary: The Doctor dreams and recieves a message

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Time: August 24, 2000 -- after the bad news.
Place: Manor Garden
Status: Private (Uriel, the Doctor) -- Complete
Summary: In need of comfort...

Aimlessly wandering )
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Time: August 15th, 2000
Place: The bar
Status: Everyone except Adam
Summary: Pretty decorations...

Be vewy, vewy qwuiet... )
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Time: Late afternoon, 25 July 2000
Place: The Manor Grounds
Status: Public
Summary: The Barbecue
Read more... )
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Time: July 24, 2000
Place: Lobby
Status: Public - Complete
Summary: The TARDIS lands


Angels and demons / most people wouldn't believe / how great the sex is.

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