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Time: May 15th, 2001
Status: Private (Adam and Beelzebub)
Setting: Downstairs lounge
Summary: Adam plays with a Crown?

The light seemed to hurt his eyes since he'd returned to this demesne, and Beelzebub sought out the deepest, darkest corners, lurking like some nightmare marring the boy's dream house. For now, this meant the basement, where he stretched out lazily across the pool table, the green felt soft against neck and arms where his skin was bare.

He hadn't seen Adam in days; there had been nothing to report upon his return Below but petty, meaningless drama. There was nothing of interest if the boy was not up to something. The rest were dull, puppets whose master had lost interest and only half-heartedly bothered working the strings.

And Beelzebub had his own petty drama now.

He'd practically watched as Belial had cut his own strings and ran from their Master; let him. Darkness would find him, too, in the end, and Beelzebub would not miss him. If only Lucifer could be so reasonable; but the Master's favorite pet had broken free, and now it seemed none of them should rest until he had been safely replaced in his cage.

The indignity of it, really, one Crown being so demeaned as to be sent scrounging after another. But Lucifer had been made fool of, too, and he was not likely to suffer further insurrection, not even from those he had placed highly among the Kingdoms.

He should talk to the Serpent, perhaps; Crawly would be more familiar with this plane, with all the shifting shadows where a Crown of Hell might hide. Surely there couldn't be many of them left.

Or, he thought, if any should know of going against Lucifer's will - the thought made him shudder somewhat - it was the dear boy. The rebellious son himself.
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