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Date: May 13 2001
Setting: Hopital wing.
Status: Private - Anathema, Gabriel, John, Loki (Is Adam and Sphix joining in? Is there anyone I forgot? Will edit later.)
Summary: Loki is told about the bone marrow transplant and Anathema and Gabriel start looking for donors. John gets a jab.

After quite a bit of research on the topic, and quite a few talks, it had been decided that the best way to treat Loki of the leukaemia was through a bone marrow transplant.

A few problems remained. One was telling Loki and getting him to agree with it. The God was stubborn as any man shaped being Anathema had ever met. Another was finding a donor that matched. Which could be hard without another God from the Norse pantheon running about, and even then it would be plain luck.

But still, there were quite a lot of people in the manor and if they were really lucky, one would be a good enough match to work with. It was just the problem of finding people who would be willing to give their marrow, and if Loki didn't want it, then there was going to be a lot more problems.

So, with much deliberation, Anathema set off to Loki's room determined to live through this day. She was going to try and convince Loki of going through with the operation.

Without it he would die. Maybe that woudl be enough of a push in the right direction. If not, Gabriel was there to help her.
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