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Date: April 15th, 2001
Status: Private (Crowley and Gabriel)
Setting: Hospital
Summary: The serpent and the messenger discuss the girlfriend

The morning after his revel with Kit, Crowley lay in bed a long while just thinking and petting Chicago while she made doughnuts on the sheet over his bare stomach. He felt like the spider in the center of a complex web with John, Kit, Gabriel, Aziraphale, Adam, Belial, Ellie, Beelzebub, and Lucifer all at the edges. His job was to sense the vibrations of the others and pull on the strings to either entrap or free them from the sticky silk. Arrogant, of course, but he'd never pretended to be otherwise. Pride had its uses.

Reviewing the situation, the demon turned his attention to one particular fly - the one of whom he was least sure: Gabriel. In between moments of bitter fighting they'd turn up moments of effortless grace and he still didn't know quite where they stood in regards to one another. Reluctant allies, perhaps. Impotent enemies.

The day before had been an interesting one as Kit's strand suddenly and unexpectedly cut across Gabriel's. It was a mutation, unplanned for, and Crowley watched the patterns shift across his closed eyelids as he worked two, five, thirty moves out like a master chess player. As he traced the possibilities, one thing became clear; he needed to talk to the archangel.

Shifting Chicago, Crowley rose, dressed, and headed for the hospital hoping that Gabriel was alone and unoccupied.
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