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Time: May 6th, 2001
Status: Private, complete
Setting: The cellar
Summary: After noticing the arrival of Dick, Sphix thinks about leaving

The small room Sphix used as a nest was gloomy, dusty and, by now, very much like a home, more than any of her other recent places of residence had ever been. The sphinx pulled out her suitcase and opened it. So little space, so many things to pack. She hadn't had that problem last time, with the belongings of her previous apartment, but then, that place hadn't been really her, merely a facade for a false identity.

The human bones Sphix had acquired ended at the bottom of her suitcase, but after that, she run into problems. There were the clothes she had bought on her shopping trip with Chantinelle, and all of those were never going to fit in the bag. Sphix spread them out, anyway, but picking just a few was impossible.

Frustrated and slightly panicked, Sphix curled up in her nest bed. What use was packing, anyway? They had found her, and they would find her again. She should just take some money, turn into an eagle and flee.

And leave everything and everyone behind.

Not that she knew that many people. There were casual acquaintances like Ruby, who had offered some interesting fighting tips, and Pepper who didn't have a sister called Salt, and some other people whose names she hadn't bothered to learn.

But there was also Anathema, that mortal who was too clever for her own good. You couldn't trust a woman like that. And there was Chantinelle. She had implied she could handle the police, but the sphinx hadn't seen her in a while, so she probably couldn't help much. And lastly, there was Loki, whose bones she had been promised. He might die after she left, and thus she would never get her price.

The bones weren't important enough to risk staying for, though, and Sphix doubted she was going to miss Anathema, or any of the other mortals she had encountered. She felt she probably ought to say something to Chantinelle, though, and she definitely needed to have a word with the Loki, to tell him she didn't want his remains. And maybe that she was going, too. He had monsters in his family, just like she did. There weren't many people left like that.

Sphix got up, took her purse and went to the door. She would see Loki for the last time, and anyone else whom she happened to meet, too. After that, she would fly.


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