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Time: March 30th, 2001
Status: Public
Setting: Manor door steps
Summary: Sphix enjoys the day by blocking the doorway

The sphinx settled on the Manor doorsteps, tail wrapped around her paws. The day was way too fine to waste down in the dampness and gloom of the basement. It had also been a while since she had done any riddling. A month, perhaps? No, longer than that. Much longer...

A bird dived down from the sky and swept over the yard, soon disappearing from sight again. Sphix lost any lingering interest she had had in keeping track on time and just watched, enjoyed the spring day. The sunlight caressed her feathers, and she stretched her wings towards the warmth. Life was way too hectic these days, she thought. Too busy, with too little time to enjoy the little things, such as sunlight. Or food. Blood and death. Riddles.

It was almost perfect, Sphix thought, an almost perfect spring day. She closed her eyes and went through the thought again in her mind. Yes, nearly perfect. The only way it could get any better was for someone to walk by, in or out of the Manor. She could stop them, then. Ask them a riddle. Just a small one...
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