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Time: April 20, 2001
Place: Hospital Wing
Status: Private (Loki, Anathema, John, Bill, Sphix, Gabriel ... if anybody else thinks they should be in here, please ask)
Summary: It's been practised on a chicken without a problem, so what could go wrong?

Loki did not wake up early, because he was nervous. Loki didn't get nervous. As any good Norse god he could sleep whenever he wanted to without the slightest problem.

Besides the spell had been thoroughly tested on a chicken who was perfectly fine and liked having her soft feathery neck scratched. Unfortunately Anathema had taken her away after a day muttering about something that sounded like 'unhygienic'. Maybe that was even what it had been. It seemed to be one of her favourite words.

At least she still hadn't seen Ratty. Loki kept himself entertained with looking for the rat until he finally heard people move about in the hospital wing.

They didn't like it when he got out of bed on his own, but today he was supposed to be decursed, so he ought to go over there, right? Loki rolled out of bed and with one hand against the wall to support himself made his way to the door.

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